About Us

  • About Us


  • Philosophy

  • Our philosophy to counselling and coaching is hope and strength based. Individuals should leave their therapy or coaching session with the knowledge they are being listened to and that there is hope for them as they process their issues. We acknowledge that people have strengths that have brought them to the moment where they are in their lives. We focus on these strengths, which encourages individuals to believe that they will not only survive the crisis or difficulties they are experiencing but they will thrive.


  • Mandate


    Our mandate is to help individuals, couples, and families to:


    ~  self discovery and awareness

    ~ identify their personal problems
    ~ find solutions or adaptive methods of coping
    ~ develop deeper relationships

    ~ help establish specific, therapeutic goals
    ~ achieve changes in their thought processes, self talk, responses, behaviour etc.
    ~ make appropriate choices and take responsibility for the outcomes
    ~ foster the emotional healing of personal lives and relationships
    ~ determine the effect of the past on their present and future 


    We are committed to:

    ~ offer hope

    ~ understand clients within their context

    ~ listen empathically

    ~ offer support and encouragement
    ~ provide feedback in a non-judgmental manner