•  Grief & Recovery Coaching

    We use traditional and experiential methods to help individuals journey through their grief process. Our grief counsellors and coaches help people face emotionally intense issues and life transitions in an environment that is conducive to sharing. We come alongside our clients as they begin their journey through the stages of grief.


    The treatment plans we offer are adapted to address the unique needs of each client. We are commited to helping prevent or lessen: depression, feelings of anxiety, the urge for isolation, and maladaptive behaviours. Our staff is trained to help post-abortive women and their families through the grieving process. Wendy Hofman is the Burlington area representative for Project Rachel.


    We provide therapeutic support while guiding our clients through the stages of grief. We support and help clients retain their adaptive functioning as they begin to address their intense feelings. At their own pace, clients discover that they come to a place of acceptance in regards to their loss and begin to rebuild their lives.


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