• Wendy Hofman

  • Wendy H. Hofman, PhD, DPC, MDiv, D-CPC, OPC, SRAS, GPP

    Specialties: Individual, Couple & Family Therapy, Separation & Divorce Recovery, Conflict Resolution, Life Stage Transitions, Marriage Enrichment, Psychological Testing and Assessments, Mental Health Issues


    Dr. Wendy is a qualified therapist with a PhD in Counselling (honours), a Doctorate in Pastoral Counselling (hon), a MDiv in Clinical Counselling. She is qualified to administer and analyze over 100 assessments and instruments with reports from eight pages to over one hundred pages. She is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT), a qualified Practitioner with Psychometrics Canada, and the Center for Applied Psychology (USA), a Psychology Associate of a professional corporation, Seminar Director for Enrich Canada, therapist with Focus on the Family Counsellor Network and a member of the International Network of Personal Meaning (INPM).


    Dr. Wendy is on the Hamilton Diocesan Inner Healing Team and St. Dymphna Mental Health team.  Dr. Wendy is an Adjunct Professor who has taught psychology and counselling courses at all levels.


    For over twenty-five years, Dr. Wendy has counselled individuals, couples and families. She understands that sharing one’s story and trusting another with personal details is often difficult. Dr. Wendy profoundly blends her clinical and life experiences with her clinical training in a compassionate manner that invites clients to safely heal and move forward in their lives. She is highly skilled at creating a therapeutic relationship conducive to change. She focuses on the strengths of her clients encouraging them to believe that they will not only survive the crisis or difficulty they are experiencing but they will thrive.

    Dr. Wendy’s expertise also extends to teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels, businesses, corporate institutions, and various group settings. She has spoken to groups across Ontario, England, The Netherlands and in the Dominican Republic. She has developed and presented personal growth seminars in the areas of: establishing healthy boundaries, life skills, parenting, personality profiles and preferences using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (for individuals, couples, children & team development), marriage (preparation, enrichment and education), employability competencies, conflict resolution, assertiveness training, relapse prevention, goal achievement, and anger management. She applies the knowledge she has gained in her clinical training and experiences to interact with individuals in larger group settings. Her seminars are highly interactive and informative. Her dissertation was a thesis on behaviourism with a spiritual element.


    Dr. Wendy is married and has three adult children. 

    Email: wendy@veritascounsellingcentre.ca